Take a Trip to Tirmasahun...

Your journey of discovery in India isn’t complete without exploring authentic village life.

And the best way to do that is by enjoying a trip that benefits everyone...

In Tirmasahun, you’ll get a truly immersive experience into real village life, enjoying the famous Indian hospitality, from making and drinking chai with local women, to taking an ox cart ride through the hamlets.

Throughout, you’ll be guided by English speaking staff. And it’s good to know that your trip is benefitting the community – you’ll be helping to create opportunities for local people and all profits will be re-invested in the local community.

How United for Hope is Already Improving the Lives of Local People.

Our Goal


Just 30 Minutes From Kushinagar...

Kushinagar is a pilgrimage town that already attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from around the world.

Now you can discover even more by taking a short trip to Tirmasahun, where your village day trip includes a range of activities and the opportunity to meet local people, discover local crafts, enjoy lunch and even pick up something as a reminder of your trip.

It’s a unique and rich tourist experience that will also help local people and the community.

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Your Tirmasahun Day Trip

Your day trip includes a guide throughout an activity-filled day that could include:

  • Ox cart ride through the hamlets.
  • Authentic Indian chai preparation and drinking with local women.
  • Discovering the village’s trades, crafts and artisans.
  • A local historical, societal and cultural info walk.
  • Taking part in traditional farming activities, which may include harvesting, milking a cow or preparing crops, depending on the season.
  • Learning about Indian traditions and society.
  • Mehndi, which is traditional hand painting with henna.

Throughout the day, your United for Hope guide and translator will be available to help you get to know local people and answer any questions.

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Essential Information and Bookings


Tirmasahun Village Trips cost just 2000 INR per person and include transport to and from Kushinagar, a guide, all activities, lunch and snacks.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to discover rural India and our people – to find out more and to make a reservation, please get in touch.

Phone No: +91 983 976 7059