Your Authentic Indian Adventure Starts Here.

Join us to discover the real India by immersing yourself in an authentic rural village, as part of a social tourism venture that is benefiting everyone.

At United for Hope Guesthouse, you’ll find it easy to celebrate peaceful nature under the open blue sky, enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with fresh local produce and experience meaningful cultural exchange, while also nurturing positive environmental and social impact in our community.

Plus, you’ll enjoy safe, secure rooms that offer Western standards of comfort and hygiene.

Tirmahasun offers a warm welcome and the ideal community environment in which to explore and experience rural life. You can be reassured you’re also enjoying the most sustainable and mutually beneficial way to travel.


Here you’ll meet local communities who are empowered to drive their own sustainable development, enriching livelihoods while also preserving traditions. 

And you’ll find that our rural pace, untouched by the hectic chaos of the city, offers all the space and time you need to relax, enjoy the scenery and really enjoy your time here.

Our Goal

Just 30 Minutes From Kushinagar...

Escape the Kushinagar chaos and the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims that visit every year from around the world. Go beyond to the more tranquil Tirmasahun where you can enjoy the comforts of a guesthouse that is pioneering sustainable development for the benefit of the local people and their community.

You can choose from a short day trip or a longer stay.

Our short day trips are perfect if you are short of time but still want to experience authentic India through a range of activities, meeting local people, discovering local crafts, enjoying lunch or choosing a sustainable, community enrichening souvenir.


If you have more time, you can join us for as long as you wish, getting a taste of the great work we do every day and even taking part in our development projects. 

It’s a unique experience where you get to enjoy a unique tourist opportunity and local people benefit from a sustainable livelihood.

Why choose  us…

United for Hope Guesthouse is more than a perfect escape from the big cities.

It’s also the ideal way to enjoy a comfortable vacation while contributing to the minimization of negative environmental and social issues.

As well as enjoying an authentic travel experience, you will also be helping to generate greater economic benefits for the people of our community.

We re-invest all profits into our community development projects and into creating employment opportunities for local people.

Your travel experience is also better for the environment, celebrates local cultures and enhances social development to reduce poverty and create a better place for villagers to live in.