Urbanisation – India’s future problem

About 200 million people will move within India in the next 15 years from rural to urban areas – putting more pressure on already overcrowded urban centres. 

A lack of non-agricultural job creation combined with a skills shortage in the rural labour force are creating pressing issues. The rural poor face a complex web of challenges: Health education, energy, income, lack of infrastructure, corruption, bad governance, each of these issues impacts the others, creating a constant movement of people seeking better lives in urban areas and degrading rural communities.

Complex problems need complex solutions

We are rebuilding the opportunities for rural populations in their villages, transforming rural India into a place of opportunity and prosperity through a Smart Village approach.

Our Smart Village strategy is built around three pillars: social enterprise, education and community support.

Download our Theory of Change map

The heart of a Smart Village is the community centre. We built our first one in our model village of Tirmasahun, Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. Run on solar power, it serves as the focal point for classes, village meetings, health clinics, drop-in services, internet access, business operations and much more.

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