“Renewable Energy is Leading to Sustainable Development in India” — IEEE Transmitter, June 2019


“This smart village in rural UP is creating social entrepreneurs, bringing robotics to school children” — YourStory, May 2019


"Delivering hope and a better future in rural India" — Mourne Observer, May 2019


"United for Hope’s Sustainable Village Tours and Guesthouses in Rural India" — Thirdeyemom Blog, May 2019

Detailed feature on our Social Tourism project, featuring United for Hope Guesthouse and village tours.


"Maximize traveling for good while minimizing your footprint" — Social Good Moms Blog, April 2019

Feature on our sustainable Social Tourism project.


“Breaking all taboos of ‘that time of the month’ for adolescent boys and girls in the remotest communities of UP” — The Optimist Citizen, May 2019

Full-page article about our Menstrual Hygiene and Gender Sensitivity project in Government schools and colleges in Kushinagar District.


"Water-Allies: A collaborative approach to solve Water & Sanitation challenges in India" — EWRI Currents, Vol. 17 Num. 4, Fall 2015

The Environmental & Water Resources Institute's (EWRI) publication features our work around water and sanitation in Tirmasahun.


“United for Hope” — India! Magazine, July 2014

India! Magazine tells the story of Tara, United for Hope and how it all began.


“Solar Lamps For A Brighter Future” — Sun&Wind Energy, July2014

Sun Wind & Energy describes with our project as an example of how solar energy can lead to positive changes in India.


“Newcastle woman's love affair with India: That day in the slums was very powerful. This is where I belong” — DownRecorder, July2014

In a very personal talk with a newspaper from her hometown, Tara describes United for Hope and her deep passion for India.


"Model Villages in Rural India Fight Massive Sanitation Problem" — IPS, December 22, 2014

The News Agency Interpress Services reports on the sanitation problems in rural India and the efforts of United for Hope in Tirmasahun.



Hindustan Newspaper, August 2018

After receiving approval by the local government, we started to present our Menstrual Hygiene Awareness workshops to young women in 100 Government schools and colleges in Kushinagar district.


Hindustan Newspaper, September 2018

We expanded our educational programme by offering STEM classes, allowing student to learn about robotics and work with computer softwares. 


Hindustan Newspaper, February 2014

How United for Hope Tara McCartney began working in villages in rural India.


“German woman gets to know India up close” — Amar Ujala Newspaper, February 2014



“United for Hope” — India!Magazine, Juli 2014

India!Magazine erzählt die Geschichte von Tara, United for Hope und wie alles begann.


“Solarlampen für ein indisches Dorf” — Sonne Wind und Wärme, Juli 2014

Sonne Wind und Wärme beschreibt anhand unseres Projekts, wie Solarenergie in Indien sinnvoll eingesetzt werden kann.


“Welttoilettentag: NGO United for Hope installiert sanitäre Anlagen in Indien” — Huffington Post, 19.11.2014

Anlässlich des Welttoilettentags 2014 berichtet die Huffington Post über das Engagement von United for Hope, der Bevölkerung im ländlichen Indien Zugang zu einer adäquaten Grundversorgung zu verschaffen, vor allem zu sanitären Anlagen.