Maximize CSR efforts with a deeply meaningful experience

Since India’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Act 2014 has passed, large amounts of capital and efforts have been directed into the development sector. To make the most of this opportunity corporates and non-profit alike need to make some adjustments, understanding the context in which the company is, to see how it fits in to the world and how to answer.

United for Hope’s Leadership Training programme offers a valuable opportunity to engage corporate executives in CSR while leveraging their ideas to transform many lives.

Executive Skills to Lead Innovation and Change

Starting up our  Smart Village  model in the village of Tirmasahun in the Kushingar District of Uttar Pradesh, we ran into challenges typical to many innovation projects. To solve them, we drew on our business experience in corporate IT, entrepreneurship and change leadership. Now we’re opening up our project to executives who want to contribute their ideas while learning about problem solving. As they help us address real-life challenges facing our prototype village, they’ll build relevant experience innovating and leading change that they can apply in their own work.

How our Smart Village Leadership training program works 

We’ve designed the program in two parts.

Part I: Training directly in your office on innovation, leadership, the Indian context and Smart Village as a solution. We draw on

concepts taught in top MBA programs in the US and Europe for problem solving, CSR engagement and performance.

Part II: On-site visit to our  Smart Village  model to participate in activities, brainstorm for future strategies, and see first-hand the realities of rural India. 


Let’s co-create a visionary Smart Village and transform India!

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