We support communities by creating projects around citizen’s rights and access to digital services.

Citizen’s Rights Services

With our offerings around citizen’s rights and access to information, we aim to provide a regular, reliable and neutral partner for information, preventative care and self-help initiatives.

Our projects:


Drop-in Centre

We host weekly open-door session for villagers to work with our team to settle administrative, legal, civic or communal difficulties. We help them filling in forms, accessing information online or seeking out expert opinions. Sometimes, we simply assist them to make decisions.


Cooperation with Local Government

We cooperate closely with district authorities to ensure that our communities benefit from government programmes they are entitled to that are designed to improve rural life. Examples include access to toilets, cleanliness initiatives and infrastructure improvements.


Health Initiatives

We organise health initiatives like onsite camps and door-to-door information dissemination around vaccinations, women’s health, eye care, dentistry, diabetes, and preventative medicine.


Moderation Services

We provide a neutral party to individual villagers or groups to settle disputes.


Women’s Groups

We encourage the creation of self-help groups and provide both a location and a guiding influence in the growth and success of such groups.

Digital Services

Internet access and digital devices are out of reach for most of our communities. Through a solar-powered fast wifi connection and modern technology, we provide online access and services for the entire community.


Internet Access

With a high-speed internet connection and 24/7 solar energy, we intend to set up a kiosk with desktop computers to allow the community to access the internet for a small fee.


Web Consultancy

We provide video streaming for access to remote expert advice around health, agriculture and legal issues.


Approved Government Services Agency and Digital Kiosk

We are working to be an approved agency for creating government IDs and a kiosk for digital services around travel and documentation (e-ticketing, printing, copying).


Online Educational and Informational Training

Our community centre will be a dissemination point for socially-relevant messages through documentaries, health and agriculture related educational programmes and skill development initiatives.

EDUCATION: The problem in context...

Successful social enterprise requires an educated, skilled workforce. Yet the state of education in India, and especially in Uttar Pradesh, is among the world’s worst. Reading and arithmetic capabilities are extremely low -- only half of all children in 5th grade can read a simple text meant for 2nd grade children. Gender inequality and poverty force many children, especially girls, out of school and into the workforce before their education is complete. Moreover, the education system is still mainly focused on frontal classes and rote exams. This produces students who lack the required academic, cognitive, and vocational skills to develop their personalities as well as their ideas. “Thinking out of the box” skills are important for entrepreneurs to run successful businesses.