United for Hope was founded in 2014, and is a registered tax-deductible NGO in Germany, India and the USA. We work in a non/for-profit hybrid model in close collaboration with our sister social enterprise, Shakti Empowerment Solutions Pvt Ltd. (SES), which was created in India in 2016.

Together, we structure all of our activities under three broad pillars: social enterprise, education and community support. United for Hope manages initiatives in the areas of education and community support while SES runs the social enterprise programmes.

Whether it’s a for-profit or non-profit project, we work to create sustainable programmes and enterprises that improve the lives of rural Indians, especially the disadvantaged, and build stronger communities. We do this through partnerships with companies, government bodies, foundations, other NGOs, and, of course, the local people we serve. 

We invest in communities for the long term. The programmes and enterprises we help bring to life are designed to be handed over to an organisation (e.g. NGO) or a community task force (e.g. Panchayat) when mature.