Strong Villages. Empowered People.

United for Hope wants to create lasting change in the lives of India’s poorest people.
We facilitate the development process on the village level. Our aim is to ensure that through collective efforts and efficient planning, social interventions are organized by the most appropriate partners, that resources are owned by the residents who benefit from them, and that improvements are sustainable and replicable.

Strong Villages. Empowered People.

What’s Our Goal?

The rural poor face a complex web of challenges in improving their daily lives. Health, education, income, adequate resources, safety: each of these areas affects the other. Solutions need to reflect this, too.
Our Adopt a Village vision is holistic: We work in 5 key development areas to address the greatest challenges to building strong communities.

Key Development Areas

  • Water & Sanitation - Provide access to safe water & sanitation facilities.
  • Renewable Energy - Install solar electricity in homes and the community as a sustainable source of energy.
  • Education - Enrich and upgrade the education system.
  • Women’s Empowerment - Empower women by promoting women literacy, improving female sanitation and health conditions and advocating for equal rights.
  • Sustainable Income - Devise alternative income strategies to promote economic empowerment.

Our Vision in Action

United for Hope’s works is based on the following pillars:

  • Multi-stage approach.
  • Community ownership.
  • Creation of self-sustaining systems within 5 years after village adoption.
  • Sustainable growth and transparency.
  • Clearly defined stakeholders, beneficiaries and activities.

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