By partnering with United for Hope, your company supports a project that is making a real difference to the poorest communities in India.

United For Hope Partners


We make a difference by bringing the resources that allow people to live in dignity to form a progressive community which advocates for equal rights. You can support us in our various projects in the areas of:

  • Clean water & sanitation
  • Green energy
  • Quality education
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Alternative income strategies
United For Hope


We strongly believe that joining forces can make a real difference. If you share our commitment for improving the conditions in rural India through a holistic approach which triggers real changes and sustainable development, you are welcome to explore our partnerships opportunities.

We aim to build a strong and lasting collaboration which allows us to keep driving our projects in India forward, share our expertise and knowledge and promote our partners’ products and work.

United For Hope


United for Hope’s approach is defined by sustainability and community based projects. Making sustainability a guiding principle means that what we do today should not deprive future generations of the chance to enjoy prosperous lives and a healthy environment. This also means that every decision we make must have equal and lasting viability for the economy, the environment and the society.

United for Hope implements this strategy through a sustainable ownership model as part of our “Adopt a Village” approach :

  • Listening to and being led by the community. We work to enable transparent decision making. Only when the villagers own the direction of their own development will be able to make a real difference.

  • Working with the environment. This means maximum benefit to the community with minimum impact on the environment.

  • Being inclusive. We want to create a fair and harmonious community living, with particular emphasis on empowering women and children.

United For Hope


United for Hope believes in “trigger funding” inclusive social interventions that builds a synergistic alliance between nonprofit, government, businesses and the community. Our development process aims to identify and drive community based programs and co-create market opportunities in order to build a growing and sustainable development. The whole project is supported with market development, training, cooperation and investment.

There are several opportunities to support our work, examples include:

  • Support for our community resource centre project: We are building a centralized facility that will address disparities in childhood and adult education. We aim to provide supplemental childhood education, enhanced teacher training, and adult literacy and vocational training in the rural pockets of Kushingar district , in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

  • Support for our water & sanitation project: We are reducing the disease burden of open defecation by co-financing the building of sustainable 2-pit toilets. In addition, our WASH campaigns, which include spreading awareness via group meetings, wall paintings and demonstrations, bring about critical behavioural change such as washing hands with soap after using the toilet or before eating.

  • Support for our energy project: To tackle energy poverty, United for Hope invests in clean solar energy. We partially finance domestic solar lamps for households with limited or no electricity. Additionally, we implement village-wide energy solutions such as installing solar street lights that help make the village cleaner and safer.

United For Hope
  • Support for our women's empowerment project: United for Hope aims to empower women through a multifaceted approach. We are educating girls and increasing literacy rates among women. All our measures aim to reduce gender biases and bring about a healthier and more economically prosperous future for women.

  • Support for our alternative income project: Work with us to devise alternative income strategies to promote economic empowerment. We've already promoted savings and societal inclusion by ensuring 100% bank account coverage. Our clean water project has created jobs and all our building work is done by local people. Join us to explore additional economic opportunities through microcredit, vocational training and market development linked to tourism, entrepreneurship and smarter agriculture.

Ethical Trade for a Fairer India

United for Hope’s new business affiliate, fairfactia, provides ethical trade consulting services to the European fashion industry. Its profits will help support our participatory development projects.

For-profit in partnership with non-profit -- we think it works.

The team that founded United for Hope is launching Fairfactia, a consulting business that organizes factory production of textiles in India for European clothing retailers.

How the Partnership Works

Fairfactia’s ethical trade standards are the highest in the industry. They go beyond Indian legal requirements to provide factory workers the employment conditions and dignity they deserve. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in Fairfactia’s factories near Delhi are organized and overseen by United for Hope staff. After all, they’re the ones with on-the-ground expertise in empowering India’s socially and economically disadvantaged

In-factory CSR efforts are organized on the basis of the workers’ wishes and include free refreshments and transport, clean sanitation facilities, and training classes.

United for Hope receives a portion of Fairfactia’s profits, which are directly channeled into its model village programs in rural India. So, Fairfactia supports garment workers directly in the places they work while also improving the lives of India’s poor in the broader community.


Although we are still a young organization, we are proud to work with a number of partners and sponsors from different countries:

  • IEEE Smart Village IEEE Smart Village programme stimulates social enterprise by providing renewable electrical systems, start-up training and ongoing support to help poor, energy-deprived communities globally build toward sustainable prosperity. IEEE is the the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of Humanity.

  • Munich RE Munich RE is a reinsurance company based in Munich, Germany. It is one of the world's leading reinsurers.

  • ImpactHub Munich United For Hope is an innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers the unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow positive impact.

  • Inwasol : Intelligent Water Solutions GmbH (INWASOL)United For Hope is a company based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. INWASOL is a service and procurement partner for innovative water technologies made in Germany. In collaboration with the Grasshopper Clean Water Fund INWASOL also provides finance solutions to its customers and sales partners.

  • Talents & Partage : United For Hope is the charity French association of Société Générale employees and retirees. T&P aims to organize, carry out and support the humanitarian aid initiative. It combats childhood poverty, supports the elderly in need and provides support for disabled individuals.

  • Asha - Munich : United For Hope is a chapter of the Asha Education Foundation, composed of a group of Indian professionals and students in Munich. They aim to generate financial and technical support for grass root education movements in India.

  • Water Allies : United For Hope is an initiative to bring to one place information of active non-profits and developmental organizations working on improving water and sanitation (WASH) conditions for communities in India.

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