Our Mission

United for Hope is a non-profit empowering India's rural poor through a holistic and economically sustainable “model village” strategy. In partnership with local communities and local government, we organize resources and projects to improve access to basic infrastructure such as clean water, sanitation, clean energy and education, as well as developing the economic conditions for sustainable living.

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We'd really love to hear from you. So why not drop us an email at info@unitedforhope.org
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United For Hope Contact Details:
Main address: Jahnstr. 22 80469 Munich, Germany ,
Tel:( 49 1) 57 51 96 65 10 , E-mail: info(at)unitedforhope.org Members: - An international team of about 30 highly-skilled volunteers comprising of engineers, PR and marketing professionals, government officials, developmental economists, women's rights activists, designers and a film maker. History: - Founded in 2013 by Tara McCartney, United for Hope is a grass-routes level non-profit working towards sustainable and holistic rural development in India. - Our work encompasses the spheres of Water and Sanitation, Education, Clean Energy and sustainable rural livelihoods. We work together with all stakeholders, local and remote, to ensure a community-led, proactive and transparent development model.